Arthur, circa 1975, “helping” unload the Beehive Kiln at the Old Bluebird Pottery, Ft. Collins, CO

Arthur Judson learned about the art of pottery at a very young age. There are old photos of him in his parents’ studio in diapers and by the time he was a teen he was creating his own unique pieces. In 1997 Arthur and his dad, Carl Judson, co-founded a pottery studio in Livermore, CO where they made wood fired and salt glazed stoneware through 2003. The pots were stamped with the name “Stonewall”. Arthur’s career at the pottery was temporarily put on the shelf while he focused on carpentry, raising 3 kids, and building a house with his amazing partner, Brandy. The passion for creating pots stayed very much alive through his hiatus and Arthur returned to the studio with new vigor.

“My pottery is inspired by Asian, English and American folk pottery traditions. I get into a state of flow when I re-create similar forms over and over again. The movements become familiar, muscle memory kicks in, a fresh spontaneity occurs in my throwing and often the best pots come out of the end of the series.  I want to make pot’s that are attractive and accessible for everyday use. I love to have pottery in my life that is part of my daily rituals and routines. Having my first cup of coffee out of just the right hand-made mug is what grounds me for the day. In addition to functional pieces of daily use, it is also really exciting to make larger pots. They are a great canvas for dramatic glaze and firing effects, can be beautiful sculptural/ artistic pieces in a house, and we often put our larger pieces to use during big celebrations.”

Brandy Hodgson, also a Colorado native, grew up very connected to her family, her home state (including her grandparents’ farm, the mountains, rivers, and nature in general), friends and community, and her artistic endeavors.  She loves working with Arthur in the studio to both create her own pieces and joint endeavors. She loves dabbling, learning, experimenting and exploring. In addition to her support of Arthur and the pottery, she is an experienced team and leadership development facilitator, adventure guide, educator, and executive / personal leadership coach. Her most significant creation is the still-in-progress coaching, supporting, and nurturing of their three beautiful children – Soleil, River, and Jasper.

“Chinook”, the stamp found on the new generation of pots, is the co-creation of Arthur and Brandy – both a representation of the inter-twining of their unique histories and the legacy they hope to leave for their children.