I’ve been away from throwing pots for almost 7 years. In those 7 years we got married, had three gorgeous children, designed and built a home, survived a couple of health issues, and shifted careers several times. It’s been full and beautiful – and also crazy and chaotic. As you perhaps can imagine, there have been many moments when I haven’t felt completely ‘centered’ in my life let alone felt I could justify the indulgence of throwing pots. I’ve been missing pottery and waiting for the time to be right to step back into the world where mud and art collide.  Arthur recently took the initiative to sign me up for a class at the local city studio so that I could reclaim my craft, and a little piece of myself.  As I threw my first ball of clay onto the wheel head and started it spinning, I knew I would have to help this clay find its center. What I didn’t realize was the clay was simultaneously helping me find the path back to my center.  The work of wedging the clay, moving it through my hands and fingers, opening, pulling, shaping, trimming, firing, glazing, and firing again permitted me to relax into the processes, allow for muscle memory to kick in, and trust that art would emerge… all in due time. I have been fascinated by the process of transformation –a lump of earth into a piece of pottery and a stressed out mom back into an artist. Muddy hands, smile on face, the call to creativity has been answered and I step back into the other parts of my life more peaceful, grounded, and centered.

Brandy, October 30, 2016